Cool LED, Inc.

Cool LED, Inc.

Making the switch from conventional lighting to Hybra LED lighting can quickly and substantially add to any company’s bottom line.  Imagine a cost savings of 60-80% or more on your lighting electrical bill.

Cool LED, Inc.

Reduce energy consumption by over 70% while providing the highest quality lighting available. Realize huge energy and cost savings by using LED lighting with Hybra's patented heat-spreader tech.

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Heat Spreader Technology

542127 382532381798984 989054595 nLED chips emit light when electrical power is applied. About 75% of that power is turned into heat energy. In LED fixtures commonly used today, this heat energy is trapped in the fixture itself, limiting the LED’s performance and lifespan. Hybra’s Heat Spreader™ technology moves the heat energy away from the LEDs, providing extended longevity and lumen output. The heat energy from the LED is transferred to the heat sink, instigating the Heat Spreader™ process.” Heat flow continues along the aluminum alloy heat sink and then transfers to the shell of the Heat Spreader™ where it flows to the liquid inside the chamber causing a phase change to a gas, which quickly rises and carries the heat away from the diode. After the vapor has carried away the heat, it condenses back to and naturally returns to the contact point with the LED absorbing heat and starting a new heat transfer cycle. Hybra Lighting performs at one degree C above ambient temperature through the Heat Spreader™ technology.


LED Lighting Products

  • Industrial LED Lights
  • Commercial LED Lights
  • LED Street Lights
  • Shatter Proof LED Lights
  • LED Shoebox Lighting
  • LED High Bay
  • LED Low Bay
  • LED Indoor Tube Lights
  • LED Bridge Cable Lighting

Reasons To Choose Cooled Inc.

  • Huge Energy Savings - Energy savings often in the 80% to 90% range.
  • Green Technology - Good for our earth.
  • Extended Fixture Life - Extremely durable and essentially unbreakable.
  • Warranty - We offer the best warranty in the industry on all of our fixtures.


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